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Nationall Post : La plus grande interdiction...

par Jeromec, samedi 03 décembre 2022, 21:28 (il y a 448 jours) @ Jeromec

Nationall Post : La plus grande interdiction d'armes à feu de l'histoire...

Je suis ''Convaincu'' que ça va sûrement ''Améliorer'' la pénurie de gardes du corps de certaines personnes.. et qu'en Alberta, ils vont être ''nombreux'' a vouloir se plier à les nouvelles règles... sur les réserves indiennes encore davantage...

Envis de postuler comme garde du corps pour la sécurité publique C'est pas les postes qui manquent... et qui vont manquer...:-|

Largest gun ban in Canadian history': Bill amendment could criminalize millions of hunting rifles

It’s a massive expansion of a gun control bill that was initially pitched mostly as a way to prevent the sale of Canadian handguns
Author of the article:
Tristin Hopper
Publishing date:
Nov 24, 2022 • Last Updated November 25, 2022 • 4 minute read
Alberta Justice Minister Tyler Shandro: “The federal government is clearly seeking to ban legal firearm ownership altogether.” Photo by Dean Pilling/Postmedia/File

The Government of Alberta has accused the federal government of planning to “ban legal firearm ownership altogether” after the Liberals quietly introduced a surprise 11th hour amendment that would constitute the largest gun prohibition in Canadian legislative history.
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In committee last week for a pending gun control bill, Liberal MP Paul Chiang introduced an amendment that would effectively criminalize millions of firearms currently in use with Canadian hunters.

The amendment proposes to ban “a firearm that is a rifle or shotgun, that is capable of discharging centre-fire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner and that is designed to accept a detachable cartridge magazine with a capacity greater than five cartridges of the type for which the firearm was originally designed.”

Also tabled was a 478-page amendment banning thousands of additional Canadian firearms by name. This included the SKS, a Soviet-designed surplus rifle that has long been a favourite of Canadian sports shooters, with around 200,000 estimated owners.
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Altogether, the amendments constitute a blanket ban on almost all types of Canadian semi-automatic firearms; basically, any gun configured to load a new round after each pull of the trigger.

It’s also a massive expansion of a gun control bill that was initially pitched mostly as a way to prevent the sale of Canadian handguns. Literature accompanying the first draft of Bill C-21 made no mention of plans to target legally owned long guns.

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Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns are extremely common as Canadian hunting arms, which is why firearms advocates say the ban would likely apply to millions of guns currently in active use with Canadian hunters and sport shooters.
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“The majority of Canada’s 2.2 million licensed firearms owners will now be criminalized, should these amendments to Bill C-21 become law,” read a Tuesday statement by Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.

Tracey Wilson with the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights called it the “largest gun ban in Canadian history.”

One of the only semi-automatic firearms spared by the ban is shotguns that employ “tube” magazines, a firearm most commonly used for duck hunting. Since the tube isn’t a “detachable” magazine, it dodges the ban.

“Because of their ubiquity, a ban on these semi-automatic duck guns would create a significant backlash, so it’s not surprising that the Liberals have steered carefully clear of banning them,” Canadian firearms expert Andrew Somerset said in an email to the National Post.
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Nevertheless, the effect is that Canadian duck hunters would still be able to fire off three rounds without manually reloading between shots, but most caribou and deer hunters could not. Several tube-fed semi-automatic shotguns were also included in the 478 pages of additional banned firearms tacked onto the legislation.

Somerset also noted an easy loophole to the ban, since it only covers firearms with “detachable” magazines. “What happens when some enterprising soul manufactures and markets a larger magazine?” he said.

But with many Canadian hunting rifles effectively being banished to gun safes by the amendment, the effect would be that Canadian hunters would mostly be limited to firearms using pumps, lever or bolts to manually load cartridges into the chamber before each pull of the trigger.
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“Banning and buying back rifles that are used for hunting and sport shooting will only affect law-abiding, RCMP-vetted Canadians who rely on wild game to feed their families or enjoy a day at the shooting range,” Jesse Zeman, executive director of the B.C. Wildlife Federation, said Thursday.

Right now, most semi-automatic rifles and shotguns are classified as “non-restricted” firearms; meaning that licensed owners can carry them inside a vehicle or in the bush provided they follow certain precautions.

The proposed amendments would turn semi-automatic guns into “prohibited” firearms; meaning that they would need to be kept locked up at all times at a home address registered with the RCMP, could not be fired, and may eventually be subject to confiscation via a federal buyback program.
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In the meantime, any transportation of the gun (such as because of a move) would require the owner to first seek an “authorization to transport” with the Mounties. Failure to do any of this could result in the owner being stripped of their licence and any firearms in their possession – including those not covered by the ban.

Conservative public safety critic Raquel Dancho has emerged as the most vocal opponent of the proposed amendments.

“This is the largest assault on hunters in the history of Canada that I’m aware of,” she told reporters on Wednesday. “They’re going after Grandpa Joe’s hunting rifle instead of gangsters in Toronto.”

The provincial governments of both Alberta and Saskatchewan also explicitly came out in opposition to the amendments this week, even vowing legal action.

“These amendments do nothing to target illegal firearms use and further show the disconnect between the federal Liberal government and legal firearms owners in Saskatchewan and across Canada,” read a statement by Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe.

Alberta’s Minister of Justice Tyler Shandro called the move evidence that “the federal government is clearly seeking to ban legal firearm ownership altogether.”

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