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Israel Attaque la Syrie...

par Jeromec, mercredi 13 septembre 2023, 17:53 (il y a 11 jours) @ F Fernand

ça va bien aller F Fernand
Israel attacks Syria’s west coast, killing two soldiers: Syrian state media

Attack comes after an Israeli air raid hit the international airport in Aleppo in northern Syria.
A man walks at Aleppo international airport
A man walks at Aleppo international airport after it was reopened for the first time in years, Syria February 19, 2020 [File: Omar Sanadiki/Reuters]
Published On 13 Sep 202313 Sep 2023

Israel has carried out air attacks on Syria’s west coast, near the ancestral home region of President Bashar al-Assad, killing two Syrian soldiers and wounding six others, state media has said.

There was no comment from Israel on the attacks.''

ça va bien aller...


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