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Le premier ministre du Canada est-il cinglé?

par Jeromec, lundi 23 janvier 2023, 16:53 (il y a 316 jours) @ Jeromec

Merci à la Ligue Nationale de hockey et le club de Washington les Capitales...
si ''on '' s'est pas encore fait ramassé solide....

j'ai peu d'espoir qu'en à la moindre luciole de lucidité au Parlement d'Ottawa.. une compétition à savoir qui est le plus fou.... Trudeau en chef de file, les autres pas si loin que ça pour le rejoindre....le Block québécois n'est hélas pas dans le fond du fleuve.... sont gênant...:-|

Allies may soon be supplying Ukraine with battle tanks; PM Trudeau won't say if Canada will follow suit

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Updated Jan. 23, 2023 3:33 p.m. EST
Published Jan. 23, 2023 1:05 p.m. EST
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As Poland readies to provide Ukraine with German-made battle tanks amid signals Germany wouldn't stand in the way, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Canadian government has "nothing to announce" at this time.

Canada is among the countries that would need signoff from the German government to re-export the German-made Leopard 2 battle tanks that Ukraine is asking for.

Over the weekend, Germany's foreign minister indicated that the German government would not object if Poland decided to send some of its tanks to Ukraine.

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On the heels of this development, Poland said Monday that it plans to ask for permission to send these military vehicles, and is looking to build a coalition of countries ready to do the same, according to The Associated Press.

Canada has 82 German-made Leopard 2 tanks in various states of serviceability, but so far the federal government has not said whether it would be willing to send any to Ukraine, should Germany greenlight their export.

Asked on Monday whether the latest developments change Canada's position, Trudeau wouldn't say.

What you need to know about the Leopard 2 tanks that could soon be sent to Ukraine
"We will continue to be there for Ukraine. We have regular conversations with Ukrainian leadership and Ukrainian military to make sure that we're sending them exactly what they need as quickly as possible, and we're going to continue to do that," Trudeau said. "We have nothing to announce today, but we'll continue to look at how best Canada can help Ukraine."

Ukraine has been asking allies to offer up these military vehicles to assist its nearly year-long defence against Russian attacks, though the call has prompted concerns around escalating the conflict.

The issue was discussed without resolution at a meeting with members of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany last week, which Defence Minister Anita Anand attended.

Both Anand and Trudeau continue to point to the more than $1 billion in military assistance Canada has provided Ukraine since February 2022.

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Most recently, the Canadian government announced it'll be donating a $406 million U.S.-made air defence system and 200 armoured personnel carriers valued at $90 million to Ukraine.

"Canada has been one of the countries around the world that has been the most steadfast friend and supporter of Ukraine. We've sent humanitarian aid, we've sent financial economic aid, and we've sent significant military aid to Ukraine in defending its territory against the illegal and illegitimate Russian invasion," Trudeau said on Monday. "We will continue to be there for Ukraine."

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