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Verdict Divin pour les 13 lignées illuminati

par Judith13, dimanche 05 février 2023, 18:09 (il y a 50 jours)

Bonjour à tous,

Ceci est un message reçu par Vicki Goforth Parnell, le 24 janvier 2023 à 17h21 pm, une Américaine habituée aux visions et prophéties venant de Jésus de Nazareth, du Père éternel, de l’Esprit-Sait. Il s’agit d’une sentence divine rendue à la Cour céleste en présence des sages et des anges scribes affectés à toutes les réclamations faites par les créatures (humaines, animales, entités, etc.) qui réclament que leur cause soit entendue et que justice leur soit rendue ainsi que les réparations et compensations. Bien sûr, les propos rapportés ci-dessous risquent d’être accueillis avec scepticisme et dédain par les théologiens et chefs des idéologies et/ou religions avec un «isme» à la fin, parce que cela ne correspond pas à leurs dogmes établis. Voici l’avertissement donné aux illuminatis moqueurs qui rient et se croient intouchables et au-dessus de toute loi, ils ne pourront pas dire qu’ils ne savaient pas et plaider l’ignorance:

(texte original en américain courant, un petit résumé en version française ci-dessous)
All right, just bear with me this is my first live stream, buth this is what the Lord had told me to do... Lord Jesus. This word came forth on 1-24-23 at 5:21pm and it is titled «Council of 13, I see you.» God is not playing games. God is done in many ways, but he still loves fiercely and loves us all, this is the word and I ask you please to pray.

I have some what to say my daughter to the upper Elite the Council fo the highest level of three that your hidden secret society rules from. from your lofty peaks of power, you on your man-made thrones given to you by satan your master. You strike fear in all those who oppose your power and position.

You are cruel and uncaring about the people you rule so carelessly. My people are not cattle to be herded. Cattle to be slaughtered by your hands. I see your counsel of those many thought dead being kept alive by your technology and its many advances (medbed, cloning)... your Council of 13. I see you from my throne in heaven. My eyes search to and fro across the Earth never resting.

I say to you now your rule of power is coming to a swift end as the man of sin steps fully into center stage o your world above the ground. He has already been crowned beneath it. Antichrist the Lawless One will not share his power, worship or position with anyone. Nor his wealth. For you wicked, for your wicked, rotten, evil seeds you have sown O’ reprobate High Council of 13, your hidden Society, I shall allow antichrist to strip your very life away from you. Your cloning techniques won’t save you! Your mind Transer Machine called «The Lazarus machine» will not save you from my righteous hand! Your cybernetics and sorcery, you genetic mutations won’t save you from my right hand of Justice! Your healing beds will not restore you!

I shall shake the very foundation the worlld down to the depths of the waters below as well as the Earth beneath. Where will you run O’ upper elite of the Council of 13?
Where will you run from my great wrath? There’s nowhere to run or hide. I see it all. I am God. I am truth and righteousness, and I am the light that exposes all that you thought you had hidden from most f the world. Your hidden society power tier up three holds no true power for all true power has been placed into my name Jesus and in my hands.

No manipulation of time and space shall save you from anger and wrath. I see and hear every evil order. Every wicked thought you have done and had and shall have in the future yet still. I am omnipresent... you are not! I am true judgment pure, righteous and holy... While the judgments you cal forth upon mankind in your secret chambers of the stars are evil, wicked and malignant to the very world you seek to rule.

I speak to the Council of 13 who have so boldly blasphemed my name. Judgment comes to you now. Reprobates you are having your conscience seared with a hot iron. Your sins have been weighed and you have been found wanting. O’ upper elite of the Council of Thirteen of the hidden secret society of Earth.

I give these words to my daughter to speak to you without fear. She is mine. I am protecting her and all she loves, and know it, because your prior attempts to get to her have failed!

NOW, this is for all three tiers of your secret society:
1. For your hoarding of food and supplies you have gathered or yourselves while driving the world into famine and depletion I take from you the very storehouses you possess hidden below the Earth’s soil and above. Even within the waters and oceans deep. A quaking and shaking is coming your way leaving only for you the genetically modified mutated foods you poisoned the population of the world with.
2. My beautiful babies and children that you terrified abused in the most abominable ways, taking perverse pleasure as their little voices wailed and cried in pain. Then you took the lie of many drinking their very life’s blood for your evil, wicked devices and for supernatural abilities.This is your judgment both fair and just! The man of sin, the Lawless One will call upon his Nephilim Giants to tear you from limb to limb and no technology. No AI connections shall be able to restore your life or soul. Antichrist, the man you work so hard and sold your souls to satan to bring to power, shall take your very lives. The beast he is, shall share his power with no one. Whe he considers you as no longer needed, then this shall be your fate, a fate a judgment that is just, fair and true for I am Holy, and I can only give judgments that are holy and righteous of the sins you have been found guilty of.
3. Your crimes of sin I have also weighed or all you have done to my beautiful earth and its creatures that inhabits it as you try to wipe my very existence from it all to make a more suitable world for your master satan and his man of sin to rule.
You have been found guilty so now I give you a world of ruin to rule. I strike the waters from above. Poison them with your own weapons of mass destruction as well as the Earth’s soil. I am taking the controlled fields for food on the Earth above and in the bunkers and complexes beneath you have set aside for the wealthy and elite... for the ten kingdoms to come elites and send locust and blight upon them all.

A cursing of mildew and mold shall destroy the very crops you have hidden from the eyes of the world. But not mine. I see it all. I burn up the Earth scorching it in erroneous heap. Your artificial wombs to birth babies will not enough to maintain a proper food supply (cannibalism). Yes, I know your heart and reason for all these things.

You will live to see some of this and to occur and because you are so evil of heart and drunk on the power you have been given O’ Council of 13, you will forget my words my daughter speaks for you so that when antichrist raises his hand against you, it will come as a surprise. You will be unprepared. A judgment just, fair and true.

I am God ! You are not!
I am the Savior of this world! You are not! You are hate!
I am love and inlove you have been judged, justly by the standards of holiness of Father, my Father God! The Great I Am who sites supremely ruling over all! All taht I do is so He shall be Glorified. I do my father’s bidding. I am the righteous judge.

You know who I am. Your master satan knows well who I am. Your remaining two other tiers (2/3) of your hidden Society know who I am as well.
I am the Alpha and the Omega. The First and the Last.
I am the Bright and Morning Star.I am Hope that you cannot destroy!
I am Truth taht you cannot crush!I am the Living Word that you cannot destroy!
I am the power within my children.I am the boldness inside them for the things to come.
I am the voice inside them that will not be stopped.
I am the Strength for them to face death because they will not refuse my holy righteous name. I am the Lord. I am the Lord their Provider. I am their Peace.
You are none of these things!
I am the judge. The righteous judge over all!
You are not!
You are powerless against me and my right hand of justice. So, even as your master satan is allowed to rule shortly upon the Earth of mine, it is only allowed to fulfill my written word. You cannot stop this you cannot stop me !

I am God. He is me. We are one and you know this!
Now you will the proof upon your world O Council of 13, of all my servants, daughters and sons, my true ones have spoken against this world for all sin not repented of. I have spoken this night, this day that are one.
Hear me well O hidden secret society. My anger is kindled against you and your elite o this sin fallen world.
Your Holliywood stars are falling
Your businesses are failing. You just don’t see it yet.
Your wealth is now eaten by moths.

I take it all from the elite and wealthy and into poverty you shall go.
No position. No fame and no possessions and no wealth.
This is my righteous judgment upon the elite, you hidden secret society including the level three (3) o the Council of Thirteen, so, you will have no misinterpretation of my final words...

Daughter again, I say you must share this when I lead and without fear. They are mere men and creatures created by men. I am God. I am Jesus your Savior and Protector. I have defeated their god satan, their master already. All power is within my hands and until my appointed time, no one can touch you.

RÉSUMÉ: Le jugement est simple; les élites subiront ce qu’ils ont fait endurer à la Terre, aux animaux, aux humains, à la création entière partout sur Terre; la famine, la soif, la pauvreté, la souffrance, la destruction de leurs fortunes, leurs possessions, leur statut social. Tout ce qui a été entreposé sera enlevé et ils n’auront plus que les aliments mutés génétiquement à se mettre sous la dent. Aucune technologie (pas même I.A.) ne pourra sauver leur vie, leur âme, leur esprit, le trafic, l’exploitation sexuelle, la torture et la souffrance qu’ils ont eu plaisir à infliger à des enfants et des bébés jusqu’à leur mort pour le sang (adénochrome); ils seront déchiquetés, encore vivants, membre par membre par les géants Nephilims qui se promèneront sur Terre. Aucun abri (bunker) ne sera fonctionnel pour ces élites; la planète entière sera secouée en tous sens; leur sort sera semblable à celui des sans-abris...

Pour les sceptiques qui veulent tout vérifier, avant de vous endormir, dites tous les soirs: «Mon Dieu, si tu existes vraiment, apprends-moi à te connaître». Une ouverture de votre part permettra , qui sait? un message ou une révélation vous concernant...

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